Healthy Food at Work. A Healthy Body – A Healthy Brain

June 12th : Category: Tips on Healthy Food

Best advice on correct nourishment at work

Nowadays it is stylish to be healthy as well as to invest your money in your health. We spend a lot of money on fitness, diets, rejuvenation and other things. Sometimes the need to work and the need to feel young and healthy are contradictory. But we are able to combine these needs.

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Natural Ways to Fight Insomnia

May 25th : Category: Miscellaneous

Great receipts for an efficient fight against insomnia. Insomnia definition and methods of fighting with it.

Insomnia – was a permanent matter in the development of mankind. Regardless of its statute and social state every man can have this problem. In ancient times, in order to fight the insomnia people kept at their courts poets or storytellers, which were entertaining rich people having insomnia. As time went on we managed to a find a more appropriate solution. We read in our beds, trying to relax our mind. A good chosen book may really be a somnifacient during the insomnia period. But sometimes the book is not enough to solve this problem and we try to find other solutions. We can try hypnotic drinks which proved, during centuries, to have a benefic influence in fighting insomnia.

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Health Benefits of Hot Shower

April 20th : Category: Miscellaneous

A hot shower may cure many diseases. Sometimes a hot shower may be better than any medicine


Our first reaction to discomfort and indisposition is to find a warmer place. And it is right: the heat is really useful for a series of diseases.

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