Cancer Prevention Tips for Women

Physical training and seven hours of sleep per day will help women prevent cancer

Researches proved an important decreasing in cancer apparition if combining physical exercises with a good night sleep.

A few thousands of women participated in a ten years research that proved the fact that physical exercises and a good sleep are crucial in preventing any type of cancer.

Some of the previous experiments had already proved the efficiency of physical training in combating a series of cancer diseases. According to one of the researches, intensive exercises, like dancing, garden work or cleaning decrease the risk of mammary cancer apparition. Another experiment, with the participation of 20 thousands of European women proved that in order to decrease the risk of mammary cancer by 30 % it’s simply necessary to sweep, clean the house and take walks daily.

However after certain researches scientists came to the conclusion that not only exercises are needed in order to prevent cancer. A large attention must be paid to a good sleep, not less than 7 hours per day. If you sleep less the physical training is uselessly.

Scientists from the National Institute of Oncology reached to this conclusion after examining almost 6 thousand women. They were interested in the fact how well these women sleep. After the questionnaire the scientists analyzed the last 10 years of medical reports of every patient. The results of these studies are often analyzed in many master of science in nursing programs.

As a result of the researches, the physicians diagnosed 604 cases of cancer (186 – mammary cancer). On comparing the situation between healthy and ill women the scientists reached to the conclusion that the risks of more active women to get cancer is by 25 % lower than for the women with a passive way of life. The lack of sleep also proved to be a decisive factor in this case. Check lack of sleep symptoms

Nevertheless, the scientists still don’t know how exactly the physical training and the good night sleep influence the prevention of cancer apparition. The next step in the research of the oncologists is to clear how this interdependence works.

Now there are several theories that explain the formula “physical training + sleep”. One of these theories is based on the fact that the lack of sleep also leads to obesity and obesity is one of the factors that lead to the apparition of cancer.

Other theory states that problems with regular sleep lead to hormone imbalance, which also lead to the apparition of cancer.  Another theory is that the lack of sleep is connected with stress; according to  physicians stress make people consume alcohol and cigarettes, factors that are eventually directly responsible for the cancer diseases development.

Whatever the theories explain the physical training and sleep interdependence in preventing cancer, the fact is that this combination proved its efficiency.

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    No physical exercises and lack of sleep adding also an unhealthy lifestyle full of vices, can grow into something worse and unfortunately cancer isn’t an exception to the rule.

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