Body Cleansing. Natural Detox Methods

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ Hippocrates
Hippocrates used to say that ‘if you do not cleanse your body as long as you give him food you give him poison’.

How often are you thinking about detoxifying your body? How often you did that and were the results those you’ve expected? It’s really hard to leave some unhealthy habits or vices and start a new life but your body will tell you if you need a cleansing, just learn to read the signs it gives you. It could be an unexpected tiredness or excessive aggression, unhealthy skin and other conditions.

Our body needs a cleansing and a special treat at least several times a year and it’s not a new trend to have your body detoxed, it’s a necessity recognized by scientists.
If you decided to have a new life from Monday there’s a high risk that your plan will fail without even starting. Changing your lifestyle should begin today. It’s hard to believe but it’s possible. You probably thought about ‘the last cigarette, the last pint of beer’ but nobody says you should suddenly give up all your vices or bad habits. Sometimes it’s even worse for the body because it creates an unnecessary stress. If you feel you can give up smoking or drinking in one day you should do that but if you can’t, don’t feel guilty about that. Nothing comes easy but it’s always possible to change things in your life.
First of all find out what a healthy lifestyle means then go for it.

Body cleansing methods

There are many methods of body detox starting with starvation diet to Hatha Yoga but before you start you should be well informed about the diet you chose. The basis of all diets consists in respecting some principles and rules. Respecting them you help you body and make your diet more efficient.
One of the first rules is that you cannot come to a detox in one day. It depends on a preparation for it that will ultimately help your body accommodate to stress when after some procedures toxins will enter your blood flow.

Prepairing to detox

To help your body detox more easily you should first give up meat, fish and diary products or eat them in very small amounts.
The main food should be fruits, vegetables, juice and nuts. These are the best toxins fighters and you should not neglect them.
When preparing to detox a very important role have physical activity: aerobics, running, dancing or anything you like. The rule is to have at least some physical activity.
One of the main way toxins leave your body is your skin that’s why it’s very important to keep your skin clean now. It’s recommended to take long 20-30 minutes hot baths seven days in a row.

Order, Rules to Respect

When cleansing your body there is an order that must be respected. First must be detoxed the intestines, then liver, kidneys and body fluids.
It’s also important to choose a cleansing method that will work best for you.
The easiest method is to choose depletive or diuretic substances but it is good in emergency cases and only for a short period of time. Otherwise you could harm to your health even if chosen substances are natural and recognized as safe.

You can choose taking of special detox preparation that will help you get rid of toxins and improve your gastrointestinal tract, but only after consulting a gastroenterologist.

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    I was thinking about detoxifying this summer and I found here the information I need. I was a little surprised to find that I would need a preparation for detox and little disappointed to find that I also need some physical activity for a successful detox.

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