Learn how to stay healthy. Healthy living tips and facts

Busting up the myths about what is healthy and what is unhealthy

There’re a lot of things and health statements that you know and are sure they’re right. Check out the list of health statements that are usually thought to be right but proved to be only myths.

1. If you thought snaking between meals is bad, you’re wrong. But…you’ll have to be careful with the portion you eat and the snack you choose. It have to be a small portion and obligatory something healthy, like a fruit or some nuts.

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2. It’s good to eat desserts every day but… with moderation. A small dessert a day will keep you away from pouncing on the food you like.

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3. It’s totally wrong that eating fat is not good for you. The secret is in choosing the right fat those coming from natural food and consuming it moderately. Exclude trans or saturated fat.

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4. Contrary to the common belief that exercising all the time is good for you is the fact that in this matter you need moderation too. Your body needs a rest for a proper regeneration. Regular physical exercises mean exercising 3 times a week or every day but without pushing it, exaggerating or showing too much diligence.

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5. It’s wrong that everybody needs at least 8 hours of sleep per night. If you sleep only 6 hours and you wake up rested it means you don’t need to sleep 8 hours to stay healthy.

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6. You thought that consuming carbohydrates is unhealthy but studies show that a moderate consumption of carbs is better than excluding it at all from your diet. Diets that are too high or too low in carbohydrates are harder to maintain than any other diet.
7. It was thought garlic to be capable of decreasing the cholesterol levels but it’s only a myth. Previously it was considered that this plant is extremely useful for blood vessels and helps in healing the hypertension. Nevertheless, the experiment in which participated over 200 persons, consuming garlic for 5 months, proved that garlic has no influence on the cholesterol levels. The only real result was the bad smell coming from the participants.

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8. Using antibacterial soap is not always good for you. Antibacterial agents in soaps can harm the good bacteria that populate your skin making it weaker for the infections.

Whatever you think it’s good for your health and whatever you do to stay healthy, don’t exaggerate with any of the products. Remember that moderation is the key to all.

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    with my messy life I have to stick to some rules of living healthy. Thank you for helping me with that

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