Negative Effects of Lack of Sleep

November 25th : Category: Miscellaneous

People with a poor sleep are often ill

Sleep well and the chance you get a cold is few times lower than in people who don’t have enough sleep.
American scientists ascertained that a short night sleep is harmful for our health. People who sleep less than 7 hours a day, are more exposed to catarrhal diseases.

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For a Good Sleep and a Healthy Body Avoid Using Soap

July 29th : Category: Miscellaneous

If You are Tired don’t Use Soap

If you have trouble with sleeping try to eat honey before going to bed. After 20 minutes it enters our blood. In cases of chronic tiredness folk medicine recommend us to consume before our sleep one spoon of honey with lemon juice for a half glass of water. As it was established for people who suffer from chronic tiredness it is not recommended to wash with soap. Soap is a strong alkaline solution which penetrates our skin and increase the tiredness.
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Easy Methods of Identifying Diseases

July 5th : Category: Miscellaneous

“Black marks” of a disease are easy to identify

English writer Jerome K. Jerome said that a person after reading the medical encyclopedia will discover he has all the diseases specified in there. It is partially true, because the symptoms of many diseases are similar to each other. It is increased by the tendency of people to hypochondria and to panic whenever there are occasions.

In order to escape from this fear and panicking we have to learn to identify diseases and their “black marks”. In the opportune moments it will help us to make the right decision and to preserve our powers. We are the main doctor for all our diseases. So we must keep accumulating knowledge.

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