Emergency Tips at the First Cold & Flu Signs

Find out what to do when you’ve already caught a cold or flu

If caught, cold and flu have strong inclinations to set for at least six days, some of those catching these seasonal diseases don’t either bother to ease somehow their conditions. It is wrong to let cold and flu beat you when there are several things you can do to alleviate your condition.
If you already caught cold or flu and desperately search for emergency help tips here is a list of must do things.

1. Rest as much as possible. A good night sleep is essential.  more information at longlifetips.net

2. Have plenty of drink. Enough drink would flush away from your body viruses and bacteria and in fever would stabilize body temperature.

3. Eat small portions of food 5 times a day. Less food – quicker your body will recover. Also stay away from high sugar food, fat food and junk food. More tips for eating healthy at nutritional-habits.com

4. Eat products with beneficial proven effects in treating cold and flu : garlic, onion, ginger, habanera, horseradish, Acerola Cherry, and elderberry.  Foods that increase immunity view

5. Eat more vegetables green vegetables and fruit. Don’t exaggerate with fruits because of their high sugar content. Healthy fruits to eat discover

6. Give your body some good bacteria by drinking yoghurt and other cultured milk products that contain probiotics. It would have an immune-boosting effect.

7. Staying positive is one of the keys in a faster healing in every condition and cold and flu aren’t an exception. Visit Stress-self-help.com for Stress Management Tips to Help You Cope with Stress

8. Flush regularly your throat and nose with salted water.

9. Don’t use soap when showering because it would weaken the skin’s natural protection.

10. Use teas and herbs known for their benefic effects in treating cold and flu (ginseng, Echinacea, ginger, Thyme, Licorice Root, slippery elm and yarrow tea).

11. Good quality vitamins and supplements intake would also help relief your condition by boosting your immune system.

12. Stay away from alcohol drinking and smoking at least for the period you’re sick.

13. Fresh air would be great for you especially if you stay at home. Try to walk for at least 15 minutes but even for a short walk choose proper clothes for the season. If you’re too weak for a walk just stay for a while smiling the fresh air.

14. Use a humidifier to moisten mucus membranes.

15. Set the room temperature not higher than 70 °F. It’s a useful advice to be followed every day not only when you’ve caught a cold.

16. Stay at home in order not to pass to others your cold or flu.

17. Move around – it helps to loosen built-up mucus and fluids.

18. Wash your hands and have a good hygiene to avoid spreading the viruses.

Have an easy recovery and stay healthy!


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