What food is best to be eaten in order to stay healthy?

There are new food ideas coming up everyday touted by the media with great enthusiasm. But for people like us it becomes increasingly confusing to decide what is best for us. The latest fad among the special diets is raw foodism or the practice of eating uncooked organic food.

However it must be remembered that the purpose of food intake is nourishment for the whole body. Therefore before enthusiastically joining the latest fad you must make sure that you know the nutritional value of that particular diet. Even the so called health foods such as the vegan, organic or the low fat varieties are often unbalanced and may cause malnutrition.

A diet that is properly balanced will not make you unhealthy and obese and also reduce the risks of heart disease, cholesterol, etc. the digestive system is the site of complex bio chemical reactions.

The digestive system has a fixed pH level in which it can function properly—an imbalance can lead to indigestion, flatulence, heartburn, etc. There are also distinct pH levels for the other tissues in the body. For instance the pH of the blood makes it a slightly alkaline medium.

Maintaining the pH level of blood is very important and this is of ten kept at the fixed level at the cost of harming other tissues.

A healthy and well-balanced diet functions in preventing exactly this from happening by ensuring the definite pH levels of the body are maintained. With the help of a well balanced diet the natural detoxification program of the body can function easily.

Proper pH balance leads to the shedding of the unhealthy extra pounds. Misbalanced pH levels can be the cause of a lot of health problems; minor ones such as slight weight gain and allergies to life threatening diseases like diabetes, cancer and coronal problems. If the blood becomes an acidic medium it corrodes the whole body.
To set the pH level right a person must have a daily intake of about 80% alkaline foods such as vegetables with dark green leaves, broccoli, and other similar green vegetables.

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Control what you eat and the reward would definitely be a strong health.

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