Healthier Lifestyle. Healthy Living Habits

Healthier, Happier – is it possible?

Achieving a healthy body and mind and be happier than you are in the very moment

Life is running so fast and sometimes we don’t even have time to stop and think about our present, not about past or even future. It’s sometimes hard, for some of you – impossible, for cynics reading this it may seem a waist of time. I, personally, don’t like to live on instruction but this kind of articles are making me think more positive and believe I can change my life with my own hands. Read the next 30 tips on How to be Healthier and Happier and choose the advice that seems more attractive to you; begin a new life – a better one.

1.    Chew your food well

2.    Drink fresh vegetable juice

3.    Brush well and then floss your teeth

4.    Add sprouts to your sandwiches

5.    Drink water with fresh lemon

6.    Drink smoothies made from almond milk, berries and unsweetened green powder

7.    Eat fresh or frozen berries instead of desserts

8.    Throw out your non-stick cookware and choose cast iron or enameled cast iron instead

9.    Eat more raw fruits and vegetablesDiscover health benefits of raw food diet

10.    Twice a year take a good quality multivitamin and mineral

11.    Brush your skin with a dry natural brush before shower – to boost circulation and lymphatic drainage.

12.    Clean out the mess in your house – the thief of your energy

13.    Clean your home with baking soda and vinegar

14.    Choose a natural remedy instead of a pharmaceutical drug

15.    Stretch your body

16.    Get more sleep.  Facts about a healthy, restful sleep link

17.    Forgive

18.    Try to be nicer

19.    Walk more often

20.    Listen to good music

21.    Laugh and smile a lot

22.    Make good friends and don’t forget about old friends

23.    Learn to say no

24.    Read good books

25.    Stop for a moment and think how beautiful life is

26.    Train your brain, learn something new

27.    Do nothing

28.    Meditate

29.    Do something you love

30.    Feel good about yourself

The list can continue to thousands of things you can do to feel better and effectively change your life. The things you should begin with are: to be grateful for what you are, for what you have and for what you’ve accoplished so far; to accept yourself and begin to think you are unique in your own way. The rest are much more easier. It’s never too late to change your life’s way. It’s your decision and it’s YOU who have to decide whether to live better or not.

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    it is important to have positive outlook in life in addition to the list above in order to achieve healthy life.

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    It’s always been a luck to find such articles as this. I’ll try to stick to the rules at least for the time the article remains fresh in my memory. I was surprised to find out that I could clean my home with baking soda and vinegar. Laugh and smile a lot – will do that for you 🙂

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