Natural Ways to Fight Insomnia

Great receipts for an efficient fight against insomnia. Insomnia definition and methods of fighting with it.

Insomnia – was a permanent matter in the development of mankind. Regardless of its statute and social state every man can have this problem. In ancient times, in order to fight the insomnia people kept at their courts poets or storytellers, which were entertaining rich people having insomnia. As time went on we managed to a find a more appropriate solution. We read in our beds, trying to relax our mind. A good chosen book may really be a somnifacient during the insomnia period. But sometimes the book is not enough to solve this problem and we try to find other solutions. We can try hypnotic drinks which proved, during centuries, to have a benefic influence in fighting insomnia.

What is really insomnia?

Insomnia implies the difficulties with falling asleep and complaints of unrefreshing sleep.

What causes insomnia?

The main factors are: stress, extreme temperatures, medication side effects, time zone changing.

The symptoms of insomnia are very similar to other diseases, which makes this disorder a little difficult to diagnosis accurately. Do not diagnose yourself!

Drinks to fight the Insomnia

‘Somnolent drink’

One bottle of rum, one pinch of salt and pepper, ½ bottle of strong beer. We should poor rum into a glass, then add the spicery and then beer.

‘Honey milk ‘

We use one spoon of honey, one egg yolk, 1/8 glass of milk. We should grind the honey with the yolk and pour the hot milk. Sometimes we add a little rum or vodka. The somnolent drink should be consumed slowly, even while walking in the room.
If we were unable to fall asleep after that, we may try to rake a basin with hot water and put in it dried or fresh violets. This feet bath is used as a remedy for insomnia. We can also use dried rose petals mixed with mint powder and pink leaves. The aroma should help us to fall asleep.

‘Old English somnolent drink’

200 g of sugar, ½ liters of boiled water, ¼ l of rum, 1/8 l of vodka, 2 spoons of lemon juice. The sugar should be dissolved in water and then all this products are mixed. This portion may be enough for several people.

‘A good shake-up‘

This drink is specially made for alcohol adversaries having problems with insomnia. For its preparation we need 15 g of pepper, 15 g of ginger and three lemons juice.

‘Mulled wine‘

1 spoon of sugar, ½ of pink flower, one little piece of cinnamon and of lemon shell,1/8 liters of red wine, on lemon piece. The sugar and the spicery should be mixed then boiled in 3 spoons of water. Then we have to boil the red wine and mix everything. After we take out the spicery the hot Mulled wine should be poured in a cup with a piece of lemon. The drink looks very appetizing.

Insomnia is a disease induced by a lot of internal or external factors and if it’s not in a chronic phase you should try to fight against it with natural remedies.

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