Dangers of Low Calorie Dieting

March 27th : Category: Tips on Healthy Food

The danger of low calorie food and drinks

Recent research of the American scientists proved the fact that transition to low-calories products nourishment leads to obesity, because the organism loose its capacity to regulate independently the daily norm of energy.
In times the man begin to eat much more than it is necessary, increase his portions, eat more often – at one time it looses the sense of measure.

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Welcome to Just Healthy Blog

February 23rd : Category: Miscellaneous

This is our first post on our blog and welcome, we’re glad you’re here. Our goals are to make a good informational blog with a lot of useful and ‘healthy’ information based on healthy lifestyle, wellness, with information about nutrition, facts and myths about health, good nutrition and healthy foods.


Our blog will contain plenty of interesting news, facts and just useful information about how to live a happy life being healthy and stress-free. We do not aspire to make it a medical blog in its basic meaning, just a popular blog for everyone.

We will be very happy to find out we were useful to you and you like our posts. It would be very nice of you if you leave comments and messages on how to manage our blog and on what would you like to be posted. So let’s start