Health Benefits of Hot Shower

A hot shower may cure many diseases. Sometimes a hot shower may be better than any medicine


Our first reaction to discomfort and indisposition is to find a warmer place. And it is right: the heat is really useful for a series of diseases.

Cough and Rhinitis

Lock yourself in the bathroom and turn on the hot water. You may even not take a shower, just breath some hot steam for 10-15 minutes. It will help you get rid of phlegm, will remove the irritation of mucous membrane and will help you to cure the cough and rhinitis.
You may add eucalypt oil and the procedure will be even more effective. After a good steam breath, fill the bath with hot water poor some oil and relax. After such a bath you will breathe more easily and your throat ache will decrease.

Stress and insomnia

A hot shower or a bath is better than any other sedative. Do you have trouble with sleeping? Take a shower or a bath for 15 minutes, using boiled sage or calendula. And unless, other sedatives this solution will have no side-effects on you.

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Arthrosis and muscular spasm

The shower is not capable to cure you muscular pains for good, but it will considerably ease the pain. 15 minutes, spent under hot water will improve the blood circulation in your body, will relax your muscles and will heal inflamed articulations. It is a more convenient method than alcohol compressions, massages or elastic bandages.

Migraine (severe headache)

The difficulties in your blood flow are one of the main causes of the headache. It is connected with the spasms of your blood vessels. As a result of hot water your vessels will normalize their state. A few drops of pink water will help you to improve the healing process.

Skin dryness

Dryness and cracks on your skin is a normal phenomenon in cold weather. In order to get rid of this problem is not necessarily to buy an expensive moistening cream. You may use your common cosmetic means – milk or tonic, but before that you should take a good hot bath. The skin pores will wide open, a fact that will favor the consumption of the nourishing and useful substances you will use.

Attention! If you have problems with your cardiovascular system, you have to avoid hot showers. It may lead to hypertension, arrhythmia and other abnormalities.

Take a hot shower and your indisposition will fade away – ‘Wash off’ your bad mood and anxiety

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10 Responses to “Health Benefits of Hot Shower”

  1. mohamed kotfi Says:

    Dear Sirs .. I had an open heart operation ) Bypass )
    14 years ago ,, I am fairly well to my age 65 ,, is a hot shower daily before sleep good or bad for my condition
    M, Lotfi

  2. mohamed kotfi Says:

    plese answer me ,, is hot showers daily good for me although i had an open hear bypass 14 years ago

  3. Healthy sleep solutions, natural solutions for insomnia. Healthy sleep patterns Says:

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  4. meowmix Says:

    Cold showers are far better than hot ones, and hot showers don’t prevent dry skin, they causes it. Plus after a hot shower your pores stay open for a while making it easy to get dirt in them.

  5. Just Healthy Says:

    Dry winter air, forced-air heating, extremes of temperature and the frequent hot baths and showers we take all strip our skin of this natural protection

    Very hot showers indeed can cause or aggravate skin dryness, especially in combination with soap which can remove the skin lipids. Excessive scrubbing with wash clothes will further aggravate dry skin.

    Long or frequent showers remove protective oils that the skin naturally produces. When the oils are lost, water from the skin also escapes. Using harsh soap can exacerbate the effect

    Try using a mild soap, particularly one designed for sensitive skin, for those areas that require extra scrubbing—like your face, under your arms, and in the groin area. Or replace your traditional soap with an oil-infused shower gel


    I remove 99.9% of dirt by use of a shower filter.
    By taking a hot shower you end up absorbing over 600 percent more chlorine and other chemicals than you would from drinking the same un-filtered water all day!

  6. Zen Says:

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  9. Rolland Cornfield Says:

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