Hot Baths are Good for Your Health

Discover some type of bathes you could take for different conditions. You may also invent your own original recipes.

A hot bath is probably the original hydrotherapy treatment, and still the best. But as much as you may already enjoy a hot bath, there’s a good chance that you’re not tapping its full potential. At its best, a hot bath can be a surprisingly powerful tool for healing.

Hot bath for Cold prophylactics. These baths are better to take before sleep. In order to prepare them we need 100 -150 grams of dry mustard to dissolve in one liter of water (36 degrees), after a careful agitation we will feel the smell of mustard oil. All this substance is poured into the bath with hot water (36-38 degrees). The procedure lasts 10-12 minutes. After that we must wash with hot water and lay in bed keeping the hot temperature with blankets. After one hour, when the sweat is gone, wipe off the water excess and go to sleep.

Tonic bath. The preparation of the bath is similar to what we described in previously. Use clover, couch grass and its rhizome, door weed, horsetail and bur marigold, cembra pine or fir.

Another type of tonic bath. We have to cut to pieces 1 red grapefruit, three middle-sized lemons. Boiling water should be poured over the pieces of grapefruit and lemons then thrown into the bath. Then we have to add I glass of orange juice. The temperature of the bath should be 2 degrees higher than the temperature of human body. The bath lasts for about 20 minutes.

Bath for skin manifestations. We have to use 400 g of walnut leaves and pour on it 10-12 liters of boiling water. Then the water is filtered and poured into the bath. The bath lasts 15-20 minutes at a temperature of 38.5 degrees.

Bath for the weight loss. The birch branches and leaves, some nettle, burdock rhizome and its leaves, dandelion, crouch grass rhizome, chamomile, door weed, horsetail and bur marigold: everything should be mixed in 8-10 liters of cold water, and then everything should be boiled. Let it to stay for 40-50 minutes. All this liquid is poured into the bath which must last about 5-10 minutes depending on its temperature.

Bath for physical exhaustion. Take 8 spoons of dry mint and pour on it boiled water. After the drawing make a 40 degrees bath and pour the solution in it. You must sit in bath-tube motionless for about 2 minutes. Then take a solid brush and massage your skin until it become pink. The bath lasts for about 7-10 minutes.

Hot bath cautions:

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends never allowing the temperature of the water in your hot tub to exceed 104ºF. Water temperatures over 110ºF have caused a number of deaths, according to their findings. They site that high water temperatures can cause drowsiness to occur that may lead to unconsciousness and drowning. The hot water will raise your body temperature, and thus your blood pressure, that may lead to heat stroke and death. They advise against pregnant women (since excessive water temperatures have a high potential for causing fetal damage during the early months of pregnancy) and young children (since their bodies do not get used to temperature changes as easily as adults do) using hot tubs before consulting a physician. Individuals suffering from obesity or having a medical history of heart disease, low or high blood pressure, circulatory system problems, or diabetes should also consult a physician before using a hot tub.

– Pregnant women should keep their baths to a maximum of about 37?C (100?F)

– You must drink water — before, during and after! This is a vital key that most people miss. If you don’t hydrate, a hot bath may actually be stressful to your system

– Heatstroke can also result from the use of sauna baths or other hot baths

– With advanced age, some people experience a diminished ability to sense temperature, and must use extra care to avoid accidentally scalding themselves while bathing

– Tap water, if used for bathing, most likely contains chlorine, which may have negative effects on skin

– Hot baths may cut male fertility

Studies in the New England Journal of Medicine have shown many medical benefits of soaking in a hot tub. One study taken in Colorado has shown that people suffering from type 2 diabetes have significantly brought their blood sugar down by regularly soaking in a hot tub for 15 to 30 minutes each day. Doctors who conducted the study speculated benefits of hot tub therapy could be due to increased blood flow to skeletal muscles.

Another study showed that soaking in a hot tub simulates exercising! The idea is that the hot water raises your body temperature increasing your blood flow in much the same way as exercising. Soaking in a hot tub prior to exercising is a great way to warm up and condition muscles for work. The National Sleep Foundation has shown that a short soak prior to going to bed can ease the transition into a deeper, more restful sleep. This is also accomplished by altering your body’s temperature. Other studies in various medical journals have shown benefits of soaking in hot water of lowering back pain, relieving stress, reducing body pain, relieving fatigue, lowering body weight, and aiding digestion

A pleasant and aromatic bath can be easily made and has the property to relax your nervous system, rejuvenate and clean the skin. The healing properties of plants penetrate through our skin in our organism, favoring its cure and improving mood. Besides, plants give the body an original aroma.

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