Learn how to stay healthy. Healthy living tips and facts

February 9th : Category: Miscellaneous

Busting up the myths about what is healthy and what is unhealthy

There’re a lot of things and health statements that you know and are sure they’re right. Check out the list of health statements that are usually thought to be right but proved to be only myths.

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Healthier Lifestyle. Healthy Living Habits

January 14th : Category: Tips to Stay Healthy

Healthier, Happier – is it possible?

Achieving a healthy body and mind and be happier than you are in the very moment

Life is running so fast and sometimes we don’t even have time to stop and think about our present, not about past or even future. It’s sometimes hard, for some of you – impossible, for cynics reading this it may seem a waist of time. I, personally, don’t like to live on instruction but this kind of articles are making me think more positive and believe I can change my life with my own hands. Read the next 30 tips on How to be Healthier and Happier and choose the advice that seems more attractive to you; begin a new life – a better one.

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What food is best to be eaten in order to stay healthy?

September 27th : Category: Tips on Healthy Food

There are new food ideas coming up everyday touted by the media with great enthusiasm. But for people like us it becomes increasingly confusing to decide what is best for us. The latest fad among the special diets is raw foodism or the practice of eating uncooked organic food.

However it must be remembered that the purpose of food intake is nourishment for the whole body. Therefore before enthusiastically joining the latest fad you must make sure that you know the nutritional value of that particular diet. Even the so called health foods such as the vegan, organic or the low fat varieties are often unbalanced and may cause malnutrition.

A diet that is properly balanced will not make you unhealthy and obese and also reduce the risks of heart disease, cholesterol, etc. the digestive system is the site of complex bio chemical reactions.

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