Hot Baths are Good for Your Health

December 7th : Category: Miscellaneous

Discover some type of bathes you could take for different conditions. You may also invent your own original recipes.

A hot bath is probably the original hydrotherapy treatment, and still the best. But as much as you may already enjoy a hot bath, there’s a good chance that you’re not tapping its full potential. At its best, a hot bath can be a surprisingly powerful tool for healing.

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Strawberries – Good for Your Skin Not Only Your Health

May 12th : Category: Miscellaneous

Use strawberries for your skin: feed it from the inside by eating them and put berries directly on your skin.

As many of you know a good looking skin comes from the inside. It means if you’re healthy and carefully choose the products you eat your skin will be toned and always looking fresh and beautiful. Sometimes it’s very difficult to achieve but it’s season when this task became possible to do.  There’s something spectacular in these berries; someone can be allergic to them but those who’re not can benefit from using them every day.

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Healthy Fat Sources

January 7th : Category: Tips on Healthy Food


The vital role of fats in maintaining a good health

Don’t try to exclude from your daily ratio the healthy quantity of fats because it may be harmful for your entire organism.

Fats play a vital role in maintaining body temperature and promoting healthy cell function, in maintaining healthy skin and hair. But not all fats are good for human organism and not all of fats are well assimilated by it. It’s still important for organism to receive the daily norm of fats, the good ones. The average daily requirement of Essential Fatty Acids is about 20 grams but the body can utilize only about 10 grams per serving that’s why you should include these 20 grams in 2 of your daily meals.

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