Body Cleansing. Natural Detox Methods

May 1st : Category: Tips to Stay Healthy

‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ Hippocrates
Hippocrates used to say that ‘if you do not cleanse your body as long as you give him food you give him poison’.

How often are you thinking about detoxifying your body? How often you did that and were the results those you’ve expected? It’s really hard to leave some unhealthy habits or vices and start a new life but your body will tell you if you need a cleansing, just learn to read the signs it gives you. It could be an unexpected tiredness or excessive aggression, unhealthy skin and other conditions.

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Cancer Prevention Tips for Women

January 31st : Category: Tips to Stay Healthy

Physical training and seven hours of sleep per day will help women prevent cancer

Researches proved an important decreasing in cancer apparition if combining physical exercises with a good night sleep.

A few thousands of women participated in a ten years research that proved the fact that physical exercises and a good sleep are crucial in preventing any type of cancer.

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Emergency Tips at the First Cold & Flu Signs

January 27th : Category: Tips to Stay Healthy

Find out what to do when you’ve already caught a cold or flu

If caught, cold and flu have strong inclinations to set for at least six days, some of those catching these seasonal diseases don’t either bother to ease somehow their conditions. It is wrong to let cold and flu beat you when there are several things you can do to alleviate your condition.
If you already caught cold or flu and desperately search for emergency help tips here is a list of must do things.

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