12 Healthy Living Advice

March 14th : Category: Tips to Stay Healthy

12 advice on how to preserve your health

There is no secret that diets, stress, sport activities and the unfavorable ecological conditions influence the physical and the psychical health of a man. During the years this effect is cumulative.

In order to prolong your life and to decrease the risk to get diseases like Alzheimer or Parkinson syndrome you must follow the following advices:

A healthy nourishment, accomplished from youth

The fast-food, as well as high caloric food, like chips or salty peanuts, – are a direct way to excessive weight and obesity. Healthy nourishment from childhood must be one of life priorities.

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Rooibos Tea Health Benefits

July 24th : Category: Miscellaneous

How to improve your health by drinking Rooibos tea?

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits
How many things do you know about Rooibos tea? You’ve probably heard about its powers and benefits. Read next about detailed information about Rooibos tea and its benefits.

Name Rooibos is African for “red bush”, while the scientific name of this plant is “Aspalathus linearis”. Rooibos is a natural herb that grows in a relatively restricted area in southern Africa, the Cedarberg Mountains. The leaves of this plant are processed to obtain tea known as red tea. There is no link between red and green tea which comes from the Camellia Sinensis.

Commonly referred to as “red tea”, the plant is far from being red, it is actually green. Red color appears only when the leaves are oxidized, after completion of the fermentation process that is subject plant.
Rooibos tea or red tea contains no caffeine, which makes it suitable for children. No need to add sugar because his taste is naturally sweet.

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How Could Emotions Affect Our Immune System?

January 17th : Category: Miscellaneous

Immune system booster

Many holistic practitioners strongly believe that the true medical frontier lies within each individual.

They believe the field of psychoneuroimmunology holds great promise for improving health. This field points to the role our emotions play in regulating our immune systems and our health. The chemistry of the stress response has been found to lower immune system functioning.

Recent studies on medical students experiencing test anxiety indicates a significant drop in the activity of natural killer (NK) cells as well as in the numbers of NK cells (NK cells are a key in fighting cancer cells and viruses) and a significantly lower percentage of T-helper cells in the blood (the cells that arouse the immune response to fight off an infection).

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