Dangers of Low Calorie Dieting

The danger of low calorie food and drinks

Recent research of the American scientists proved the fact that transition to low-calories products nourishment leads to obesity, because the organism loose its capacity to regulate independently the daily norm of energy.
In times the man begin to eat much more than it is necessary, increase his portions, eat more often – at one time it looses the sense of measure.

A low-calorie cake it is just a name which miraculously attracts the customers, people who take care of their body. But it is just a psychological trap. In dietary cakes the butter is replaced by margarine, natural cocoa by soy-bean chocolate, eggs by egg powder, etc.

Low-calorie, diet coke sounds like a joke for the experts. The diet sodas are made of synthetic materials. Sugar is replaced by artificial substances like sorbitol, saccharine, etc.

The difference in calories is minimal, but the permanent consumption of this kind of products leads to certain health problems and add several kilograms to our weight.

The deception continues: manufacturers of low-calorie products decrease considerably the energetic value of their products, in order to obtain a better sale. On the package they indicate rounded, decreased amount of calories.

The result of recent expertise of the Consumers Association proved that the majority of popular low-calorie products are allegedly low-caloric, for package to be attractive for the consumer.

The great majority of products after the expertise have not confirmed their nourishing value. The real amount of calories, evaluated by the experts proved to be much higher.

Pay attention to what you are buying – low calorie products proved to be hazardous to your health.

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March 27 2009 07:02 pm | Tips on Healthy Food

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